Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keep Your Happiness

Just as an old saying, bad things happen. We are destined to go through ups and downs in our life. So thinking of those happy days in your life will give you the strength to meet those difficulties. Do not underestimate the effects of those happy memories.

One summer, a brave king intended to attack his enemy without its notice. He is so well-planned that all the things seem to be under his control. However, he underestimates the power of huger and thirst. His troop has marched for five successive days without stop. His soldiers were all exhausted. As the king noticed the situation, he asked his fellows to have a good rest. However, he soon found this was a bad idea because his fellows refused to go further and they all lied there as if they were dead people. The king knew that the essence of surprise attack lies in the speed and that his soldiers would get heat stroke if they continued to sleep. He was also afraid of being discovered by his enemy since this place was not so far from the castle of his enemy. Suddenly, a good idea came to him. He knew how thirsty those soldiers were, so he lied to his fellows that there was a river in five miles away and encouraged them to move to the river. For one thing, they could drink water, for another, they could eat fish for food. On hearing this, all his soldiers jumped up and walked as usual. It was really a miracle that his troops continued to walk until they found a village. Of course, he beat his enemy heavily.

It was said that those soldiers could insist just because they had thought of the moment when they could eat fish and drink water. They drooled and the saliva reduced their thirst. Now you can understand how those happy memories can help you. Man tends to remember their glorious moment when they are in poverty because this can help them to reduce agony.

However, what we can remember is limited. Can you remember all the friends that have laughed with you in your childhood? When we get older, we forget easier. It is said that old men spend all their days thinking of the happiness in their youth just to get rid of the threat of death. Maybe one day we will forget today's happiness which we really shouldn't. In order to live a pleasure life, you should keep your happiness.

How can we do that? You can't manage it alone, but you can seek help from devices. Photograph every great moment with your phone, record every smile with your DV, leave every laughing in your voice recorder and keep every moment in a disc. I personally prefer to burn those videos, audios and photos into discs. After all, the storage of your phone, your DV and your voice recorder will be full one day and you will not get a new one instead, but at least you can get a new disc.

So if you feel the same way as I do, just burn all the experience your treasure into DVD with Nero, charging software that is hard to operate or StarBurn, free software that is easy to operate. With those DVDs, you can keep your happiness. So keep your happiness and be a happy man forever!

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