Sunday, April 1, 2012

Interesting April Fools’ Day Prank I Make

Every year, April Fools' Day is a good chance for people to show their creative power and destructive power. Their pranks can be creative or with destructive power. In April Fools' Day, you need to be careful enough otherwise you will be the target of next prank.

After all those years, we have pranked or been pranked. I still remember one of the worst pranks I have done. It was in my college years, my professors loved to convert PPTs to flv files and then play them in our class. For one thing, some errors always happen to the PPTs, for another, he can easily upload the PPTs. Sometimes he would ask us to do the presentation. One April Fools' Day, it was my turn to do the presentation and I took this chance to make the prank.

Here was my plan, I would convert my PPT to video just like my teacher did and I put my prank into the latter part of the PPT. I searched the Internet and found some scaring pictures which of course had been added to my PPT. In order to enhance its effect, I add some audios to the scaring part of the photos and then I converted it to flv file.

On April Fools' Day, everything went well as I have planned. As my video came to my tricky part, the scaring photos came out with terrifying audios. You probably have known the results. Girls screamed loudly while the professor stunned there speechlessly. However, they were not mad at me because they knew the essence of the day was relaxing. I have tricked all the class with this prank and some guys praised my idea.

This prank is the best I have done, not the only one. Once all the class decided to play a little joke on our teacher. So as he entered, we told him he went to a wrong class. Poor teacher, as he went back to his office to check the schedule, he suddenly realized all the things. As revenge, he tricked us by declaring to have us changed to another room. As we went there, we found all the students in that classroom sitting there and starring at us.

However, those are all happy memories. I know many of you have better experience than me. So I would like to have your story shared in the comment board below.

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