Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Evolution of Tablet Computer

On hearing "Tablet", what will appear in your mind? To me, just a word flashes in my mind: "iPad". To some extent, iPad is the dominator of tablet sale market. Over 3 million units of iPad are sold in 2010 since its release. Every year, the debut of the new generation of iPad will attract the world's attention.

The success of iPad has thrilled the development of tablet computer market. The increasing market demand for tablet computer has led to the mature of technologies related to tablet. Nowadays, as more and more tablets are available in the market, tablet may take over the computer market in the future. Now let's have a view at the evolution of tablet computer.

1. Dynabook


In 1960s, a man named Allen brought his idea of making a laptop with pen-enable interface. He even named it Dynabook. However, people didn't show too much interest in this idea.

2. GRiDPad


In 1989, GRiD Systems release GRiDPad, a device that can be operated with pen-writing under the environment of MS-DOS. It laid the foundation for the birth of tablet.

3. Apple Newton

Apple Newton

Apple released the first PDA in the world in 1993 and called it "Apple Newton". Equipped with ARM 610 RISC CPU and a touch screen, Newton can recognize the handwriting. However, the market demand for such a device was still too limited at that time. Apple had to stop producing it in 1997.

4. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

In 2002, Microsoft released Windows XP Tablet PC Edition which popularizes the use of tablet in some certain fields. However, the influence of tablet to the market is still limited. Microsoft intended to develop a tablet like iPad but gave up after a wrong evaluation to the tablet market.

5. iPad

In 2010, Apple released the world's first tablet named "iPad". The new product shocked the world with its magnificent design. It soon swept the computer market in the world and became an important product for Apple, only inferior to iPhone.

Although at that time, it was known to all that Apple would debut a tablet with touch screen and pen-enable interface, people were still shocked after Apple really did it. The era of tablet began since then.

The success of iPad had proved the world how large the potential consumer market of tablet can be. Since then various tablets became available in the market such as Aakash and Toshiba Excite 13. Nowadays, iPad is facing the challenge from tablets made by SumSung, Toshiba and Lenovo.

Tablet is viewed as an entertainment tool for people especially as a mobile cinema. When comes to tablet, screen size always matters. Nowadays the screen size of Toshiba Excite 13 can reach 13.3 inches. However, in order to watch videos freely, you may need to convert videos for Toshiba Excite 13 with Video Converter.

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