Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three Good Movies On Football To Watch

The UEFA Champions League known as the Champions League is an annual international club football competition for the top football clubs in Europe. The attention this event can draw is no less than FIFA World Cup. The winner of Champions League is a great honor for all European clubs.

However, Champions League 2012 has surprised all and proves to the world that nothing is impossible in football field. FC Barcelona, the most promising team to win this honor had been surprisingly eliminated. A day later, his fellow, another powerful competitor for the honor, Real Madrid met waterloo as well.

Real-Madrid vs Bayern Munich

Therefore, either Bayern Munich or Chelsea will be the winner. The result leaves those reporters and experts standing there speechless. Though many fans are disappointed, the result shows the world the essence of this event: the uncertainty of the result.

Everything is possible in football field. This is true not only in real life but also in films. This post will show you three movies on football to watch and take you to see the miracles created by those characters.

1. The Miracle of Bern

The Miracle of Bern DVD

The movie is based on the true story that happened in World Cup 1954. At that time, under the leadership of top "phenomenon" stars like Puskas and Kocsi, the Hungry hadn't experienced any failures for four years. More importantly, it easily slaughtered Germany in the group match.

Due to all those facts, the victory of Germany in 1954 was named "The Miracle of Bern". This movie was released in 2003 based on those facts. It was said that the movie even moved the Germany Chancellor Schroeder. If you are interested in The Miracle of Bern, this movie is highly recommended.

2. Goal !

Goal ! DVD

How hard can it be to be a football star? Generally speaking you need to join in the youth training camp of a club. With outstanding performance, you may be chosen to be the candidate of a normal player. So it is a miracle for an ordinary people without any professional training experience to become a football star. However, the character in Goal ! manages this miracle.

The character Santiago is born in a poor Mexican family with the only hobby of playing football. As he is discovered and recommended by a British ex-pro, he decides to leave home for Britain to pursuit his dream. Of course, he goes through a lot of hardships and difficulties in this process.

3. Victory

Victory DVD

This movie is also based on a famous story during World War II. At that time Germany wanted to show off their power by matching with a team temporarily set up by prisoners of war. In the very beginning, prisoners just planned to escape from the camp during the match. However, when they stood on the field, dignity and responsibility changed their ideas and they decided to beat Germany heavily in the match.

In the movie, you can not only see Stallone but also Pele and Beckenbauer. This movie actually tells you that sometimes there is something more important than life. This movie is definitely worth seeing. Not only for the stars in the movie, but for the spirits of those prisoners.

Those are three good movies on football. They all tell us a simple truth: nothing is impossible in football field. If you want to see them, you can watch with your DVD Player or convert DVDs to mp4 files for iPad with DVD Ripper.

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