Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Origin Of Easter And Its Various Celebrations

Easter is an important day in western countries, which is only inferior to Christmas. It is used to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ who was crucified three days earlier before his resurrection. The most outstanding symbols for Easter are Easter bunny and Easter eggs. How can those two things be associated with Easter?

Egg has long been regarded as the symbol of life and the origin of life and it used to function as a mortuary object. Bunny is regarded as of great vitality and a symbol of high fertility. Since Easter is used to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, which is also the symbol for powerful and eternal life, they are connected in this point.

Almost the whole world will celebrate this great day but their manners may differ. Now let's view at the different celebrations of Easter in different countries.


At Easter, an event will be held in White House. People will throw their eggs to have them rolled on the lawn. The owner of the egg that can survive to the end will be the winner and can get all the eggs from his competitors.

Great Britain

In England, people will play a game similar to that in the USA. This time people will hold their eggs and have they collided with each other. The egg that can protect itself from being broken in the end will win.


Italian will take hundreds of eggs to the church with them to accept blessings from the priests. After that, all the eggs will be brought home to serve as meals. As long as visits come, they will be treated with Easter eggs.


Romanian Christians will clear their houses, wear new clothes and take a shower to welcome a new start. The famers will wear traditional suits, gather in the church with candles in hand and then sing carols


In the area of the Alps, people will gather in the mountain top to wait for the scene of sunrise. At the break of dawn, bell rings and people sing carols to welcome the rise of the Sun, a symbol of the God. It is said that even the Sun will commemorate the resurrection of Jesus with its dancing light.


Male Christian will walk in the street, bearing a heavy cross just as Jesus did in the past. They do this to commemorate Jesus being crucified.

Those are different manners for Easter celebrations. As Easter is coming, more and more people are preparing for the celebrations of this festival. Companies are carrying out their strategies to celebrate with their customs. They host various events like Moyea Easter Activity which provides bonus ranging from $60 to $100. In order to stimulate consumption, companies will also provide discount for customers.

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