Monday, April 23, 2012

The Activities And Evolution Of World Earth Day

April 22 is a day remembered by all as "Earth Day". It is a day to appeal all the people to pay more attention to the environment protection and the sustainable development of Mother Earth. The significance of Earth Day, which provides a platform for them to let their voice heard, is as important as Christmas for environmentalists.

I. The celebration of World Earth Day

Earth Day Celebration

Each year, people around the world celebrate this day in different ways. New York people plant trees in the center of Time Square which foster into a small forest; Beijing holds a tree planting activity and Canada organizes an activity to have children's footprint left on a panorama landscape of the Earth.

The most amazing activity is carried out by filmmakers Kyle Ruddick and Brandon Litman who have released a movie named "One Day on Earth", a film that was shot in every country of the world on October 10, 2010. Besides those activities, it is also a good choice for you to watch disaster movie on Earth Day to remind you of the serious environment situation we are facing. You can convert the DVDs of those movies to mp4 files for your iPad with DVD Ripper.

II. The Evolution of World Earth Day

Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day

Though approved by UN on April 22, 2009, the origin of World Earth Day can be date back to early 1970s. This post will take you to have a view at the evolution of World Earth Day.

1. On April 22, 1966, the US senator Gaylord Nelson gave a speech in Harvard on the issue of environment protection which attracted the attention of a student named Dennis Hayes, who helped to publicize the idea of holding environment protection activities in the nationwide.

2. On April 22, 1970, Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes brought out a day that was used to publicize the creation of a clear, simple and peaceful world with thousands of American joining in.

3. On April 22, 1990, over 200 million people from over 140 countries in the world coincidently held activities to publicize the importance of environment protection. The large number of participants attracted the attention of UN. This day is remembered as the first Earth Day

4. In 1990s, an organization named "Earth Day Network" which was devoted to the popularization of Earth Day and environment protection.

5. On April 22, 2009, UN officially declaimed April 22 would be World Earth Day, 60 years after the passing of Universal Declaration of Human Rights by UN.

Nowadays, World Earth Day is almost celebrated in the whole world with increasing influence. Each year, a theme will be endowed to Earth Day and so far about 41 themes are given.

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