Friday, April 6, 2012

Five Anecdotes About Easter In History

Easter is regarded as a day to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, as the development of cultural communication, more and more countries are joining the queue to celebrate this festival. Hence, it becomes an influential festival nowadays, only inferior to Christmas.

Time has witnessed the passing of many Easter festivals in history. After so many years, Easter can always leave us interesting anecdotes. This post will take you to review five anecdotes about Easter in history.

1. The discovery of Easter Island

On April 5th 1722, the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen encountered a small island while searching for David's island. Since that day was Easter, he named the island Easter Island. However, he would not expect that this island turns out to be a World Heritage Site, which can attract thousands of visitors each year.

2. Easter Rising

An insurrection was staged in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916. The Rising was mounted by Irish republicans. They wanted to end British rule in Ireland and establish the Irish Republic. At that time, Britain was mired into the World War I. Though this insurrection failed and 15 leaders were sentenced to death, it preluded the fight of Irish against British rule.

3. Resurrection of a man

At the Easter in 2007, an Irish man went through the experience Jesus had suffered. He woke up after was confirmed dead by doctors. Maguire, a 47-year-old Irish, got a heart attack at Easter and was confirmed dead after half an hour's rescue. As the man was sent to mortuary by a nurse, the nurse suddenly found Maguire's finger moved. At the time of his resurrection, his family was preparing for his funeral. Due to this experience, he was named "Jesus" by his friends.

4. Easter miracle

On April 14 2009, a passenger drove a flight and landed the plane safely after the pilot had suffered sudden death. Four passengers were on the plane at that time. The amazing man had driven planes for 150 hours 18 years ago but he safely landed the plane in Florida. Even the NATCA called this flight an "Easter miracle".

5. Guinness world records

On April 5th 2010, a chocolate producer, Leonidas, decided to host an activity for children in three towns. The activity was to encourage children to go outside and pick up as many Easter eggs as they could find. He prepared 709548 eggs, weighting 5 tons. The activity attracted 9400 children and created a new record for the number of eggs used in the activity. Of course, those children spent a good Easter.

Those are five anecdotes about Easter in history. The Easter 2012 is coming and companies are preparing interesting Easter activity with high bonus just like Moyea Easter Activity. By taking part in this activity, you will experience a happy Easter.

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