Wednesday, April 11, 2012

With The Rise Of Its Component, How Will iPhone 5 React

The debut of The new iPad in March successfully drew people's attention. This updated version of iPad 2 has disappointed some people with so few changes comparing to iPad 2. Recently, the update of Apple TV attracted the world's attention again. However, it seems that Apple disappoints people again.

Every product of Apple can be so influential because Apple can always shock people with its technological innovation. How influential Apple can be? Even without the release of any products, Apple is discussed by many recently. People are expecting the new generation of its most successful product: iPhone.

Rumors about iPhone 5 are spreading. The same thing happens to iPad before March this year. It is said that iPhone 5 will be released in October. Usually, the release of a new generation of iPhone can help Apple earn much money. Since Apple release iPhone series, its share price has jumped to over $630. Some experts even predict that its share price will exceed $1000 this year. However, there are too many hurdles lying before iPhone 5.

Lumia 900

Nokia has release Lumia 900 as an attempt to become one of the top mobile sellers in America. Lumia 900 owns a good start by being the best seller in Amazon in just a few days. Once Nokia can regain its position with Lumia 900, Apple will have to share the potential consumers of iPhone 5 with Nokia. The Windows Phone system will soon shares the potential users of iOS. To some extent, the fate of iPhone 5 is connected to the fate of Lumia 900.


Android, a powerful competitor for iOS, is another hurdle lying before iPhone 5. It is reported that Android mobile occupies over 60% market share in China, lagging iPhone far behind. The release of Samsung Galaxy last year proved that it was no less charming than iPhone. In order to be a new legend, iPhone 5 must convince people that they are far sexier than Android mobile which is quite difficult.

Nokia is a potential enemy while Android mobile is a powerful enemy who is strengthening its power. Under this condition, iPhone 5 must prove itself with some technological innovations as its predecessors have done.

However, based on the performance of The new iPad and the update to Apple TV, iPhone 5 may disappoint people again. Maybe it will become an updated version of iPhone 4S by just making a few modifications in its design. If iPhone 5 disappoints people again, it will be a red alert for Apple.

With the rise Of its competitors, how will iPhone 5 react? Before the release of iPhone 5, no one knows the answer. However, that will be another story. Currently, iPhone is quite a useful tool for entertainment especially for watching videos.

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