Monday, April 16, 2012

The Evolution History Of Apple

In March, the debut of The new iPad has shown the influence of Apple. The news of The new iPad's release has occupied the headlines of major papers and websites for several days. Apple now has already exceeded Microsoft to be the company with the highest market share in scientific field.

The share price of Apple was lower than 50 dollars in 2003 while it elevated to over 620 dollars at present. Apple is well known for its high-end digital products like iPhone, iPod and iPad. Recently, Apple has debut its update to Apple TV and rumors about iPhone 5 is spreading as well. Experts even predicted that the share price of Apple will exceed 1000 dollars this year.

However, in 1990s, Apple is still a company threatened by bankruptcy due to years of failures in its market strategies. No one can image such a company will become a tycoon at present. So in order to unveil the success of Apple, we need to view the evolution history of Apple.

1. The glorious history


Actually, it was Apple that laid the foundation for PC other than Microsoft. In 1976, Steve Jobs with another Steve built up a company named "Apple". Pretty soon, the company became popular and powerful in the market for its fist product: Apple II. Its release changed people's view towards traditional computer which were supposed to be big, heavy and good of nothing.

Apple II was the milestone in the evolution of personal computer for its simple operation, small size, cheap price and unique design. With the help of Apple II, Apple swept the world and became the symbol of personal computer. It even once imaged to make PC as popular as bike at that time.

In 1980, Apple made a new record of IPO with its 1.01 billion dollars of public offerings. In 1983, Apple ranked 291st in the list of top 500 companies in the world.

2. Miserable past


In 1980s, IBM had dominated the personal computer market with IBMPC. In order to regain its position, Apple decided to challenge IBMPC with Macintosh. Apple paid so much attention to Macintosh, which proved to be a failure in the market, that it ignored the development of Apple III. Along with Macintosh, Apple III failed again.

In 1985, Apple met its first deficit in finance and Steve Jobs had to quit. However, Jobs' leave didn't make things better because the latter ten years witnessed various failures of Apple in market share. For example, Newton was made but failed to find potential consumers. Actually, even Apple had no idea of its potential consumers.

Things got worse and worse that Apple could only sold products to some specific consumers. At that time, Apple was rambling in the edge of bankruptcy. However, a man changed its situation.

3. Unprecedented success

i series product

In 1997, Jobs became the CEO of Apple again and led Apple to unprecedented success since then. Ten year evolution of iPad and five year evolution of iPhone had made Apple world famous. Along with the increasing reputation goes the elevation of its share price. In 2012, its price share has already exceeded 600 dollars.

The success of Apple lies in its unique with advanced technologies attached. They are not only cool in appearance but also powerful in function. Apple just combines the best hardware with the best software together in its products. To some extent,, Apple represents technological innovations of digital products and that's the reason why its product can attract the world's attention.

After all those years' evolution, Apple not only gains its success, but also promotes the development of related field. For example, since iPhone can only support mp4 files, converters like Video Converter are designed to convert videos to mp4 files and Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter are designed to convert swf files to mp4 files.

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