Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2 Masterpieces Acted By Jim Carrey

Besides Al Pacino, I personally love Jim Carrey best. He is regarded as the funniest actor in America. He usually acts as a normal and unimportant people who has suffered all the difficulties we probably have made.

Anyone who is familiar with Jim Carrey will be impressed by his body language. It is said that he could make every muscles in the face move. Due to this, he is usually defined as a famous clown and be ignored by Academy Award.

He is a guy that makes all the country laugh and you can forget about all those unhappy things with his movies. However, his works are regarded as vulgar and meaningless. That's why he is a famous man with few prizes.

However, as a fan, I refuse to classify his movie as vulgar. You can view the defects of yourself from every character he acts. He doesn't belong to the grandeur ceremony. His character represents all the ordinary people.

Sometimes you will find that you may have made the same mistakes like Lloyd Christmas and you are as good at lying as Fletcher Reede. Though I love Dumb and Dumber and Yes Man, I think the following two masterpieces acted by Jim Carrey are best.

1. The Truman Show

The Truman Show

This movie is neither funny nor vulgar for you. You will sink into deep thought after you have watched it. To some extent, we are all Truman who lives in a limited world. The character Truman is living in a fake world created by a director. Every move of him will be recorded by the camera and every word he hears is designed beforehand.

Anyway, Truman finally makes his decision to escape this big fraud after he is told that the real world is full of such frauds. As for the audience of Truman show, they see it because they can find the good qualities in Truman that barely exist at present: honest and kind. It is a sarcastic movie towards the reality and is awarded with Golden Globe.

2. Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon

It is another Golden Globe winner. Actually it is something of an autobiography of Jim Carrey. In the movie, people are all shocked by his performance. Jim Carrey succeeds in combining the real him with the virtual character Andy perfectly.

In the movie, Andy lets us believe he is seriously when he is joking and when he is serious he gives us the illusion that he is joking. Without the performance of Jim Carrey, no one can manage that. I love this movie because I regard it as the movie that Jim Carrey can't go beyond in terms of performance.

More importantly, Andy and Jim Carrey are the same because they are all devoted to the career of making people laugh. Jim Carrey also tries to tell us the miserable thing about comedian: once a comedian, always a comedian. Just like Andy, his performance is so good that people still think that he is joking while Andy is telling the truth about his agony. As for the ending, does Andy die? I don't know, make your own judgment.

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