Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Favorite Movie About Campus Life

In the era of 3D effect, many movies are ruined by the exaggerated plot and abused 3D effect. Actually, in the post-Avatar period, many directors are just too crazy about 3D effect. The balance between the plot and the effect is broken. As a consequence, many movies like Transformer are made.

Thomas Edison and Eadweard Muybridge both contributed to the technological innovations in film industry and they both resisted the coming of voiced film. To them, the application of the advanced technology would distract people's attention towards actor's performance. To this extent, 3D effect did that.

When Inception was bestowed with Best Motion Picture, Nolan was praised as the only person who directed with his mind in the era of technology-abused movies. Actually, few movies can shock me with plot. Even Avatar failed to manage that.

I love a movie best which is related to campus life. I like it not only because it is encouraging but also because it represents some dreams that I once desired to get. Now I will take you to have a view at my favourite movie about campus life: Dead Poets Society.

best Movie About Campus Life

Before I watched it, I never realized Robin Williams can impress me so deeply with non-comedy movie; after I watched it, I realized a moving story with a scaring name can be so wonderful. This is not a horror movie and the ending of the movie will leave a deep impression in your heart.

In an old-fashioned and riot stale campus lived a bunch of dull students who would do nothing but studying. They would be as dull as their parents if they hadn't met that teacher, who devotes to free student's mind.

I never thought that Whitman and his "Oh captain, my captain" could be caved in my mind before I watched this movie. I love the music in the movie especially the one that Charlie plays in the cave. I love the beautiful scene in the movie: the lake and the swan.

I am excited when Charlie, Todd and his friends sneaks out the school and running into the deep darkness along with the wonderful background music. Suddenly, I just want to join in them because they have done what I failed to do in high school days.

Of course, everyone who has seen the film will be moved by the last scene: students standing on the desks to support their teacher regardless of the menacing words of the headmaster. At that time, they all look like angels who are ready to fly to the sky with their wings in the thunderstorm.

Dead Poets Society

I love this movie so much that I have seen it for over 10 times even more than that of Titanic. In order to let me have a good enjoy with it, I have converted the DVD of Dead Poets Society to mp4 files with DVD Ripper so that I can play it with my tablet. If you are a fan of this movie or if you want to share with me your favorite, you can share with me in the message board below.

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