Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 Most Suitable Movies To Watch In 4.19

You may have been asked by others about your plan in April 19. You will probably be quite confused since you can't recall any significant meaning of that day. Is it Valentine's Day? Is it Easter? Nope, it is a funny day for its name. Try to spell the number in 4.19 respectively in English.

Yes, you've got it. It is called "For One Night" day (similar to four one nine in pronunciation). I have to admire human's wisdom. Two unrelated things are connected in such a way by the power of human's imagination. It must be thought by a humorous genius.

Anyway, on April 19th, I want to recommend you three movies that are related to one night stay. I think they are three most suitable movies to watch in 4.19.

1. Last Night

Last Night DVD

It tells a story about a loving couple who are facing the temptation of one night stay respectively. Mike is tempted by his charming workmate Laura while Joanna by his former lover Alex. One night, Mike happens to go for a business trip with Laura which makes Joanna uneasy.

All the stories happen from the one night stay. The relationship between Joanna and Mike has changed slightly since then. This is a movie about love, betrayal, sex and ethic. It may not be that exciting as Avatar, but it can shock you with the plot.

2. Derailed

Derailed DVD

So if you want to see an exciting movie about one night stay, you may refer to this movie. With the cooperation between Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston, the box office receipts of this movie are guaranteed. It is neither a love story nor a story about ethic. It is something of a suspense movie.

It mainly tells a story of how a man is seduced by a woman and then be blackmailed for the one night stay. In order to protect his family, he has to give in until one day he finds out the truth that the one night stay is a conspiracy. Then the man begins his way of revenge. It is recommended because it tells you one night stay is not only exciting but also dangerous.

3. Management


Unlike the former two mentioned above, this movie is a pure love story. It mainly tells how a timid man tries to pursuit his love after one night stay with a female customer. He tries to save money and flies to thousand miles away to find the woman he loves.

The funny thing is that he is so impulsive that he even fails to get enough money for a round-trip ticket. Because of the one night stay, the love story between a country man and a white collar in a metropolis begins. Of course this is a comedian.

So are there any other better choices for you than watching those movie in 4.19? Here I have presented you a warm story, a suspense story and a funny story. Hence, why not watch them with DVD or convert those DVDs to mp4 files for iPad with DVD Ripper?

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