Friday, April 13, 2012

Five Common Complains About Apple TV

This April witnesses the release of the update to Apple TV which disappoints those who have waited it for long. Before its debut, all the people are looking forward to the release of a new generation of Apple TV. However, Apple tells us all: "No, only update is available here!" However, even the update to Apple TV can't satisfy people.


The update to Apple TV fails to solve those key issues concerned by users. It just makes some modifications over some small issues just like The new iPad, which is regarded as an updated iPad 2. People feel disappointed again just as they did when The new iPad was released.

With cool Airplay, grandeur Netflix and beautiful design, Apple TV is popular in the market. However there are some hurdles lying before Apple TV. Apple TV needs to solve at least five issues in order to please users. Now, let's have a view at five common complaints about Apple TV.

1. No app for Apple TV

One of user's complaint towards Apple TV lies in that there is no apps available for Apple TV. Without apps, how can you expect Apple TV to be powerful in function? Products like iPhone are popular because you can make it become powerful with various apps. So users always complain about Apple TV's lack of apps which makes Apple TV nothing but a powerful TV.

2. Fail to support Hulu


Apple can support Netflix and the update to Apple TV enables the support of Netflix in Mexico. However, Apple refuses Hulu which confuses many users. According to some rumors, Apple does this because it intends to buy Hulu. However, before Apple manages it, it has already taken Hulu as its subsidy. According to the latest news, Apple will provide a service similar to Hulu. However, before it succeeds, why can't it support Hulu for a while?

3. Small Apple Remote

Apple Remote

The small remote is of such a little size that it is hand for a fat finger to operate it well. Why can't Apple make it larger with more buttons attached? People are really annoying when they have to do the same operation again and again due to a wrong click!

4. Support mp4 files only

Support mp4 files

Like iPhone, iPod and iPad, Apple TV can only support video files with mp4 format. You have to convert videos to mp4 files with Video Converter. So it makes no difference with iPhone in terms of playing function. Apple TV is just a large-size iPhone when playing movies and it can't be as powerful as iPhone because there are no apps available.

5. No USB and SD card ports

No USB and SD card ports

So basically speaking, it is really troublesome for us to synchronize the video with iTune. However, you have to do it because Apple TV can't support USB or SD card. So just forget about plugging in your device and then watching movies with Apple TV. To some extent, Apple seems to be quite resistant to SD card because you can find the same defect in iPhone and iPad.

Whatever, we can just pray that Apple one day can hear our words and solve those five complains for us.

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