Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Powerful Media Players To Help You Enjoy Movies

With the rapid development of science and technology, film industry has experienced several technological innovations. From silent film to voiced film and then to 3D film, the film industry has gone through major ups and downs.

However, it is still an industry with large potential market. Along with the development of the film industry goes the evolution of relative apps. Thanks to the development of media player, people now can not only watch videos via TV or PC but also tablets and even phones.

In a vast sea of media players, how are you supposed to pick up those that are powerful? In terms of fame, Adobe Flash Player stands out among all. However, Adobe Flash Player is even not perfect when playing swf file. So we can't judge a player by its fame.

Here this post will show you two powerful media players to help you enjoy movies. The standard for my judgment lies in the function of the player. Hence, I want to recommend you two players: KM Player and VLC Player.

1. KM Player

KM Player

KM Player is a powerful tool that can support major popular formats available at present. You get to know that point when you find that KM Player can support swf file and rm file. Usually, we tend to convert swf file with some professional tool like Moyea SWF to Video Converter because not only few players but also fewer video converters can support it.

Besides supporting various video formats, KM Player can also help you to rip audios from videos so you can have more choices besides converting the videos to audio files to get audios of videos. Besides ripping audios, you can also capture videos or frames with KM Player.

In the era of 3D movie, it becomes a fashion to make and watch 3D movie. So a method to help you watch 3D movies will be considered cool. Besides converting video to other file with 3D effects attached via Video Converter, you can also refer to KM Player for help.

A good player should be one that not only powerful in function but also helpful to users. To this extend, KM Player deserves its reputation and fame.

2. VLC Player

VLC Player

VLC Player is not just well-known for its fame, but also for its function. Similar to KM Player, it can support various popular formats. But that's not the point where it is selected. It is its function to support PowerPoint 2007 that attracts my attention.

As we all know, PowerPoint 2007 is quite powerful in function. You can insert videos into the slides with different ways. You can insert some files like wmv or avi files directly or you can insert swf file with the help of Shockwave Flash Object. However, you can hardly insert flv file into PowerPoint 2007 with similar operations.

Before I installed VLC Player, I need to convert flv file to wmv file with Moyea FLV to Video Converter Pro when I want to insert those downloaded YouTube videos into slides. However, with the help of VLC Player, you can easily manage it because VLC Player will provide a tool (similar to Shockwave Flash Object) for PowerPoint 2007 named "VLC ActiveX Plugin and IE Web Plugin" to help you.

All in all, those are the two powerful media players favored by me. If you have other good ideas, you can share with me in the message board below.

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