Monday, April 16, 2012

4 Big Mistakes Made By Apple

In 2003, its market share price is lower than 50 dollars while in 2012, its market share price miraculously rises to over 600 dollars. Apple is announcing to the world how powerful it can be. Based on its excellent performance in the market, experts boldly predicted its share price will go beyond 1000 dollars this year.

In 2012, Apple has made two great events: the debut of The new iPad and the release of update to Apple TV. They are supposed to be used to enlarge Apple's advantages. However, things go to the opposite side.

People are not that crazy towards The new iPad after they find it is just an updated version of iPad 2, which leads to the drop in sales volume of The new iPad. As for AppleTV 2012, it is even worse since few minor modifications are done comparing to its predecessor.

However, all those things can't affect people's confidence towards the future of Apple's share price until the outbreak of the war between Amazon and Apple. Applenow is facing lawsuit over its iBook which is reported to have violated the price law.

The giant tycoon has never realized it would stop its pace by this small issue. Apple seems to be fragile and vulnerable. As a consequence, the share price of Apple begins to fall. However, those are not the biggest mistakes made by Apple. Now let's have a view at four big mistakes made by Apple.

1. The battery of iPhone 4S


People criticizes Apple for lying to consumers on the duration time of the inserted battery of iPhone 4S. Apple tried to prolong the duration of the battery with its latest system but failed.

There is a big mistake made by Apple. According to some early users, they had informed Apple of the issue but received no satisfying reply.

2. Lawsuit over patent


Apple seems to have involved in too many patent violation cases either as the accuser or the defender. Few weeks ago, it sued Motorola for five patent violations while Motorola fought back with three pattern violation charges of Apple. All those stop users from enjoying the product freely.

3. Ignorance to Apple TV

Apple TV

The potential market of Apple TV is quite large while Apple seems to ignore this point. Comparing to iPhone, iPad and iPod, the attention Apple TV gets is so little that Apple chooses to ignore our complains about Apple TV.

Anyway, this April was a good chance for Apple to correct this mistake but Apple refused to do so. So that means Apple TV is still a larger iPhone without apps that doesn't support Hulu. If you want to watch local videos with Apple TV, you need to convert them to mp4 file with Video Converter.

4. iClound


iColund is a useful app with large potential market. However, it is not powerful; users can't store videos and music on it which makes it not so necessary. If Apple had enriched its functions, it would have been another best-sell app of Apple.

Anyway, Apple's future is still promising once it can solve all those issues and in the future, its products will be the dominators of high end digital product market.

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