Monday, April 9, 2012

3 Ways For You To Capture Pictures From Video

With the mature of multimedia technologies, movies surprise us with one technological innovation after another. Sometimes we are so attracted by the video that we want to capture those amazing scenes for commemoration.

However, maybe you are troubled by finding such a tool because you know little about those tools. This post will show you three methods to help you capture pictures from videos.

I. Paint

If you are a Windows user, you won't be bothered by this issue. You can easily capture the pictures from videos with Paint. Do the following.

1. Play the video you want to capture and pause it when it comes to the moment you want. Press "Print Screen" button in your keyboard, which locates next to "F12" button. Then the whole screen has been captured.

2. Click "Start", choose "All Program", select "Accessories" and click "Paint" option in the drop-down list. Paste the captured picture with "Ctrl + V".

3. Crop the picture with "Select" tool in the left tool menu. Choose the video part and then cut the video with "Crtl + X".

4. Click "New" in the drop-down menu of "File" and paste the photos you have just cropped. Save the photos to your computer.

This method can be used by almost all the Windows user. However, the picture you get is not so perfect comparing to the original one. The operation is also quite complicated.

II. Hypersnap

1. Play the video you want to capture and pause to the moment you want.

2. Use "Crtl + Shift + M" to select the area you want and then press "Enter". After that, the scene has already been captured.

Hypersnap is a powerful image capturing tool and it is very powerful. You can choose to capture the full screen, the windows, the desktop, the button, the active window, etc. However, as you can see, you need to pay for it in order to wipe out the annoying watermark. Anyway, the price is quite fair comparing to its functions.

III. Video Converter

Except for converting videos, you can capture pictures with Video Converter. Just play the video and click the camera icon lying next to the volume bar when it comes to the scene you want. You can choose three formats for the captured pictures: jpg, bmp or png. What's more, no watermark will be shown in the captured pictures. Not only is it easy to operate, but also keeps the original quality of the image after capturing.

Those are the three methods for you to capture pictures. If you have any better ideas, you are welcomed to share with us in the Message Board below.

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