Wednesday, April 11, 2012

5 Ways To Get Access To Videos

The development of science witnesses the evolution of film industry. From silent film to voice film, from black and white film to color film and from digital film to 3D film, film is becoming more and more attractive to us with more and more advanced technology attached. Now we are looking forward to the release of 3D Titanic just as we did to Avatar in 2010. However, you can't get to the latest movies for free or you can't even get to most movies for free.

Then how can we get access to videos? What can we do if we want to watch a movie? In this post, I will summarize five ways to get access to videos.

1. Cinema

If you are eager to watch 3D Titanic, you have no choice but buy a ticket for it. Though the development of Internet has enriched our ways to watch movies and reduces some income of those cinemas, the producer and the cinema seems to reach an agreement that the latest films will be released in the cinema first.

Actually, cinema is a quite good place for us to watch videos with its large screen. The effect of the movie can be fully presented to audiences in the cinema than in the 21-inch PC screen. Another advantage of cinema is the atmosphere there; you will not only be shocked by the movie but also the atmosphere. However, it is also comparatively expansive.

2. Google Play

You can rent videos in Google Play with just a few charges usually ranging from $1.9 to $3.9. The video is quite good in quality. However, if you want to watch 3D Titanic on it, you need to wait for a quite long time since it updates its movies slowly. According to some experts, Google tend to sell movies instead of renting them in the future. So you may be able to buy and watch videos with your phone directly in the future.

3. YouTube

As the most popular online websites, YouTube is favored by many. In the vast sea of YouTube videos, it will be quite hard for you to dislike all the videos on YouTube. One good point of YouTube is that it provides you some free movie clips which are usually shorter than 15 minutes. You can view the trailer of the latest movie. This means you need to pay for some movies. If you want to download YouTube videos, you can refer to your web browser or Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro.

4. DVD

This is a common way for us to get videos. DVD is usually famous for its high video quality and it is rather cheap. However, you need to wait a really long time before it is available in the market. Usually it takes you half a year for the release of DVD version of a movie. If you want to play DVD with your portable devices, you can refer to DVD Ripper.

5. Swf Websites

Flash video is always so funny that can always make me laugh. Personally, I am quite fond of those movies. Those swf files are small in size and funny in words. More importantly, you can get them for free. So when you get tired of those blockbusters, you may just as well try to watch swf files in some websites. You can also convert swf files with Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro to make them accessible for your portable devices.

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