Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Comparing Entertainment Function Between Tablet PC And Traditional Computer

Since the release of The new iPad, more and more tablets are swarming into the market. As a consequence, producers are competing with each other in tablets market. Since more and more technological support has been given to tablet PC, traditional computer is ignored.

In the new era of tablets, tablet PC is seeing a dramatic increase in sales volume. According to CNET, tablet PC is expected to become preferred computing device. As for traditional computer, it can just sign and see itself lagging behind. So is tablet PC so excellent comparing to traditional computer? This post will compare entertainment function between the tablet PC and traditional computer.

1. Music Player

play music

Music is an important part for entertaining. Comparing to traditional computer, tablet PC is portable. With tablet PC, you can walk on the street while listening to the music with earphones. Usually in order to play music, traditional computer needs a device like a speaker to assist you.

Some tablets can provide you songs that are good in quality with extra high volume just as iPad does. Though transferring songs may be a little troublesome, but iTunes can provide you good service online.

2. Media Player

play video

When playing videos, some tablets can only support some certain files. For example, iPad, the outstanding product in this field, can only support mp4 file. To this extent, you need to convert video to mp4 file with Video Converter or convert swf file to mp4 file with Moyea SWF to Video Converter and then put those converted mp4 files into iPad. Powerful as Retina Display is, the video effects are still limited by its size.

As for traditional computer, you just need some powerful media players like KM Player and VLC Player. What's more, you can even download YouTube videos with the web browser if you own a Windows system. Though Toshiba owns the largest screen in tablets, it is still too small comparing to traditional computer.

3. Photographing


Can you take photos with traditional computer? As long as you buy a PC camera, you can do it. However, the photos you get are not only of low pixels, but also poor quality. You can't even see the object you want to photograph clearly at night.

What about tablets? You can use the tablets to photograph as long as you want. With the adoption of Retina Display, the quality of the picture is far more than guaranteed. As the leader in tablets, Apple can always bring you much surprise in this field. For example, The new iPad surprises us again with its extraordinarily high resolution.

4. Gaming

interesting game

Is it cooler to play games with tablet PC? It depends. It is really cool to play games like Talking Tom Cat, Angry Bird and Plant vs Zombie. However, how about popular games like Call of Duty or classic games like Counter Striker. I have to admit I prefer to play relaxing games with tablets like iPad, not blockbuster games.

It is cooler and more comfortable to play those blockbusters with traditional computer. For one thing, the tablet PC is not that mature in technology to bring you all the effects traditional computer does; for another, I just get used to play them with traditional computer.

Will tablets replace traditional computer some day in the future? I don't know. At least at present, they all own their advantages and defects in terms of entertainment.

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