Friday, April 20, 2012

4 Shortcomings Of Playing SWF File With Adobe Flash Player

The debut of The new iPad is supposed to be of great significance to the world. However, Apple disappoints us by making The new iPad an updated version of iPad 2 instead of a new generation of iPad. However, rumors come that Apple will fix its mistake with mini version of The new iPad.

Whatever, at least the debut of The new iPad has shown the world the downhill reputation of Adobe Flash Player. Jobs hated it and Apple refuses it. Though it is still widely used in online websites as a necessary plug-in, its dominating position in this field is being doubted at present since various apps are developed to replace Adobe Flash Player for Apple product.

I don't know why Apple hates Adobe Flash Player so much, but I do know Adobe Flash Player should do better as a player for swf file. This post will show you four shortcomings of playing swf file with Adobe Flash Player.

1. Limited format support


Actually, Adobe Flash Player can only support swf file. It is a good thing to focus on the technologies of a certain field. However, with the development of science and technology, more and more powerful players like KM Player are developed which can not only support swf file but also other popular video formats. This lags Adobe Flash Player far behind.

Though Adobe Flash Player may just want to consolidate its advantages, it is also a good try if it can support more formats. What's worse, it hasn't surprised us with technological innovations for a long time.

2. Awful Interface

I don't want to say much about it. The awful interface is complete unmatched with its fame. It is just a simple window when playing swf file without even a button on it. I have complained about it once and I will do it in the future because it is the worst interface I have seen.

3. No play trackbar

No play trackbar

As a player, one basic function is to let users watch and control videos freely. However, you can't find that quality on Adobe Flash Player when you are playing swf file. No play trackbar is available in the interface which means you need to watch a swf file from the very beginning every time. It is just annoying. However there are three ways to add a track playbar to swf file.

4. No Playlist

No playlist

Unlike other players, you can't even find a playlist in Adobe Flash Player which means you need to import the swf file manually each time. Can't it make a playlist that can help users to access swf file in a quick way other than locating the swf file first each time. Does a requirement for a Media Library a harsh one?

All in all, though powerful and popular, Adobe Flash Player is really annoying when playing swf files. So what The new iPad users are supposed to deal with the swf file? Of course, you can have alternative choices like playing with a powerful player like KM Player or convert swf file to mp4 file for The new iPad with Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro.

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