Friday, April 6, 2012

Two Video Editors To Make YouTube Videos

Internet not only enhances the communication between countries but also provides us various ways for entertainment. Videos, songs and photos are all important tools for our entertainment. Due to this, the multimedia technology is becoming mature. Living in the era of information, people are not satisfied to be just audiences. They want to be producers and DIY their movies.

Online videos are becoming more and more popular because it is convenient. As the top online video website, YouTube owns millions of fans and receives thousands of uploaded videos every day. If you want to make movies and upload them to websites like YouTube, you will need a powerful video editor. Here this post will recommend two video editors for you.

1. Windows Movie Maker

This is a well-known video editor because it is installed in Windows System. It is powerful in function while only occupies a little storage. However, it is not so perfect. Windows Movie Maker can just support the input of wmv or avi files and the output of wmv files. That's to say, you need to convert the videos to wmv files before you edit them with software like Video Converter. For example, if you want to edit a DV, you need to convert the DV to wmv or avi format. However, Movie Maker can provide you various effects to make you videos vivid and attractive. The output file of the editor is wmv file which can be supported by YouTube. It is quite easy for you to operate.

2. Moyea FLV Editor Ultimate

This converter can support the input of flv files. If the videos you want to edit are flv files, you may just as well try this editor. If not, you can use Windows Movie Maker. Since many people will download YouTube videos and use them as their materials, this editor can not only help you download online videos but also help you to skip the conversion step since it can support the input of flv files. This editor is also very powerful in function. You can trim or crop the video, add watermark to the video, adjust the effect of the video and replace the audio of the video. You can also merge some videos into one. As far as I know few editors can support the input of flv files. Another advantage of this editor is that it supports output of various formats and you can even convert flv files to DVD. Flv files can always be supported by online websites like YouTube and can save you much space in order to promote the uploading speed.

Of course, there are other video editors like iMovie, Wax and EDIUS. However, as long as you can use those two editors well, you won't be bothered by issues like YouTube uploading.

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