Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lumia 900 and Nokia 5230, Best Selling Smart Phones In History

Lumia 900, released in April 8, sees a promising future. It ranks first in Amazon's best-selling phones in just a few days under the condition that people's attention is paid to Easter Bunny. Symbian has proved its failure towards iOS and even Android and Windows Phone becomes the new challenger. It seems that Lumia 900 will to determine the fate of Nokia and Windows Phone in the USA.

Nokia has got a good chance to regain its market position in America with Lumia 900. Thanks to the unprecedented support of AT&T, one of the biggest carriers in America who has devoted to publicizing Lumia 900 at the largest scale ever, Lumia can be quickly known by people in America. What's more, the phone sees no competitors in recent time because neither Samsung nor Apple intends to release its latest products.

However, experts predict that Lumia 900 gets only 8 weeks to prove itself. After that, the latest Galaxy and HTC may share the market. If Lumia 900 can't impress people in this period, Nokia can stop dreaming to be one of the major phone sellers in America.

Good reputations as it gets, it now receives complains about its internet connection function and critizes about its call quality and minor design flaws. Anyway, Lumia 900 bears too much expectation that it can't lose this battle.

Nokia, once the tycoon in phone sell market has declined in recent years with downgrading reputation of Symbian. However, in a list of best-selling phones in history, Nokia phones occupy top seven places. Most of them are low-end phones, so what's the best-selling smart phone in history?

You probably know the answer, yes, it is Nokia 5230. It is a high end smart phone with the price of low-end phone. Do you want to know how popular it is? 58 million units of iPhone 4 have been sold so far, about one third of that of Nokia 5230. Let's have a view at this amazing phone.

As you can see, Nokia 5230 owns almost the same appearance as that of Nokia 5800. What's more, their functions are almost the same as well. However, Nokia 5230 can't support Wi-Fi and it owns a camera of 2 million pixels while that of 5800 amounts to 320 million pixels.

The 3.2 capacitive touch screen can help you to enjoy videos better and the 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM are exactly the same as Nokia N97.

However, as a Symbian phone, Nokia 5230 owns the same defects as Nokia N97 such as fail to support large swf file with the inserted Flash Player. So you need to convert the swf file to mp4 file for your phone.

Anyway, Symbian is a fading old legend and Windows Phone is replacing its place to be the new legend. If Lumia 900 successes, it will exceed Nokia 5230 one day to be the best selling smart phone.

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