Thursday, April 12, 2012

3 Choices For You To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube, as the most famous online video website in the world, provides people a platform to share videos. Not only can you get those videos you want here, but also upload videos to share with friends. You can also get the latest news of the latest videos here.

With abundant videos available, YouTube will definitely attract you. However, it seems that download YouTube videos is still a headache for many. Due to this, I will introduce you three ways to download YouTube videos.

Basically there are three methods for you to download YouTube videos: you can refer to a website, a program and even a web browser. Based on this, I'll introduce you the way to download YouTube videos with website, program, and web browser respectively.

1. Download YouTube videos with Keepvid.

I believe most people have heard of Keepvid. For one thing, it is free, for another, it is powerful enough to help you convert those downloaded videos. Though the formats for selection are quite limited, it is good enough for a free website. You just need a few clicks to complete the whole process. Copy the URL of the video you want and then paste it to Keepvid. Can things be easier than that?

However, as a free website, Keepvid requires a plug-in. It owns too much ads in its page. Sometimes an ad is equal to a plug in. Be careful of your operation, a wrong click may help you install a plug in you don't want. As a green hand, I once clicked a wrong place and installed a plug in named Babylon. After that, various ads just pop out when I was browsing pages.

2. Download YouTube videos with YouTube FLV Downloader

Download YouTube videos with YouTube FLV Downloader

If you want to download YouTube videos, you can refer to Moyea FLV Downloader. If you need extra function of converting the downloaded videos, you may just as well try Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro. They are my first choice when download YouTube videos because they are easy to operate and you don't need to worry about the annoying ads while enjoy fast downloading speed.

3. Download YouTube videos with web browser.

web browser

This method requires no website and no program. Usually web browser like IE or Chrome will store the video you have watched in the computer for a short period of time. Your task is to find the location of those files. Firefox requires an add-on to manage YouTube video downloading. For more details, you can refer to "Download YouTube Videos With Web Browser".

Anyway, there are some rules you shall bear in mind when employing this method. You need to make sure the loading of the YouTube videos have completed before you operate; you need to do it quickly because the system may delete those temporary data any time and you need to be patient because you are picking up one file from hundreds of files.

So I believe this post can help you if you are troubling by YouTube videos. My favorite video is Rudy and I really want to know yours. So please tell me your favorite videos in the message board below.

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