Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 Ways For You To Get Access To 3D Movie

Years ago, a movie named Avatar received 2.7 billion dollars in box office receipts and becomes the most the profitable movie in the world, exceeding Titanic. Nowadays, the sunken Titanic comes back to life and intends to seek for revenges with 3D effects.

In recent years, 3D movie is a word frequently used in both film industry and our daily life. In order to catch up with the trend, many movies are attached with 3D effects hoping to increase their box office receipts. As the fresh feelings gone, people may be boring of the abused 3D effects.

However, that will be another story. At least at present, people think highly of 3D movie. In order to help you access to 3D movie better, this post will present you four ways to get access to 3D movie based on four 3D technologies used at present.

1. Cinema

watch 3D movie in the cinema

Of course, it is quite expensive to see a 3D movie like Titanic 3D especially when it turns out to be the debut of the movie. However, the 3D effects you can get are also incomparable. I have once entered the cinema to see Journey to the Central of the Earth, which has left a deep impression on me for its 3D effects. Adopting polarized 3D technology, the cinema makes full use of the large screen there. So watching 3D movie in the cinema will be a good choice for you.

2. 3D TV and 3D laptop

watch 3D movie with 3D TV

In order to fulfill our desire to watch 3D movie, many producers release their latest product, 3D TV and 3D lap-top. With the application of active-shutter 3D technology, the sight of one of your eyes will be blocked by active-shutter 3D glasses to make sure only one eye can receive the image. The amazing thing is that you are totally unaware of that process. So if you want to watch 3D movie, this is also a good choice for you.

3. 3D mobile

watch 3D movie with 3D mobile

In order to avoid lagging behind, phone makers are trying to develop 3D mobiles and some of them have succeed. There are at least two 3D mobiles available in the market. More importantly, they are adopting glass-free 3D technology. This technology is not that mature as the above two so the 3D effect you get may not be that perfect. However, at least, you have gotten rid of the annoying glasses.

4. Video Converter

watch 3D movie by converting

The anaglyph 3D technology was applied in an early time and nowadays it can be applied in some apps like Video Converter directly. With anaglyph 3D technology, Video Converter can help you to attach 3D effects to 2D movie after conversion. You need to buy a pair of red/blue anaglyph 3D glasses. The effects may not be that good, but you can watch 3D movie freely with iPad by converting videos to mp4 files for iPad.

Anyway, if you want to watch 3D movie with best effects, go to the cinema. If you want to watch 3D movie at home, buy a 3D TV or 3D lap-top. If you want to watch 3D movie with simplest operation done, buy 3D mobile. If you want to watch 3D movie freely with your iPad, use Video Converter to help you.

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