Friday, April 27, 2012

3 Movies To Watch On Nick Kristof’s Birthday

Nick Kristof, a British journalist who has won Pulitzer Prize twice is having his birthday today. Men like him who devote themselves to do good for the society deserve our honor and respect. In order to celebrate his birthday, various activities are proposed.

According to a post in CNET, a man proposes an activity to celebrate Nick Kristof's birthday by adding "of" to the end of our tweet accounts for several days. If you are interested in it, you can join in this activity. This is a good way, but I prefer to celebrate Nick Kristof's birthday with my own way.

There is just one Nick Kristof in real life but there are some such journalists in the movie world who are as just and kind as Nick Kristof. They all devote themselves to making a better world and insisting on their principles and professional ethics.

I would like to watch those films to celebrate Nick Kristof's birthday because those characters in the movie also deserve our honor. Here this post will show you three movies to watch on Nick Kristof's birthday.

1. Nothing But the Truth

Nothing But The Truth DV

In the movie, you can not only see Selene (a Vampire in Underworld) but also Ross Geller (a character in Friends). More importantly, this is a movie about the battle between professional ethics and the politics. In the movie, the journalist named Rachel fights against various threats to keep her professional ethics.

A report revealed by Rachel leads to the death of a FBI and puts the issue of national security on the table. As the Homeland Security officers and FBI agencies threat her to reveal the source of her report, she refuses. Of course, this makes her lose everything and spend years in prison. However, she never gives in because she knows revealing the source of news is not what a journalist shall do.

2. The Insider

The Insider DVD

In the movie, you will see Al Pacino, my favorite star who has just spent his birthday yesterday. He acts as a journalist who is fearless to those evils and threats. As he interviews a professional chemist who risks his life unveiling the evil side of tobacco tycoons, he decides to unveil the interview video.

However, Lowell Bergman has to overcome all the obstacles before him that are laid by those tycoons. As a journalist, Lowell Bergman chooses to fight against the world only to public the truth and warn people the harm of tobacco. Isn't Lowell Bergman something of Nick Kristof?

3. Hancock

Hancock DVD

So am I about to recommend Hancock, the superhero? No. In the movie there is a character with kind heart that devotes to making the world better just as Nick Kristof. He patiently changes Hancock to a real superhero favored by all from an asshole.

In the movie, Ray is a man with great ambition who wants to make the world better. As he realizes he can't manage it alone, he decides to put his hope on Hancock because he knows Hancock can manage it. From the beginning to the end, Ray is a character who just wants to make the world better. Isn't that the same dream as Nick Kristof.

So for the goods of the world, you can join in us to support Nick Kristof either by tweeting your name or by watching those movies. If you want to watch them on iPad instead of DVD Player, that's OK. You can convert the DVDs to mp4 files for iPad with DVD Ripper.

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